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100th IATP Conference
Lucerne, Switzerland
October 10 - 14, 2009

Train transfer from Zurich Airport to the conference location

Lucerne is approximately one hour away from Zurich by train. Frequent direct trains run between Zurich airport and Lucerne.
Train tickets can be booked in advance. In case you have pre-booked the ticket IATP welcome desk will assist you upon arrival and direct you to the right train. Please read the instructions in the flyer below, fill in the registration form on page 2 and send it to Ms. Vicky Papamanoli vicky.papamanoli@swiss.com until 4 September 2009.

Download flyer here.

VISA Requirements

Source: Federal Office of Migration


Swiss Visa Regulations
There are different regulations governing entry into Switzerland. Please check these before entry. Foreign nationals require a valid and accepted travel document to enter Switzerland. In addition, a visa is required in certain cases.

Visa application
  1. A foreign national is required to submit a visa application on the specified application form to the Swiss Foreign Mission covering his or her place of residence. The Swiss Federal Office of Migration determines any exceptions.
  2. The visa application must be accompanied by the travel document, as well as further documents, if so required, which clearly indicate purpose and circumstances of the intended stay or the intended transit.
  3. Foreign nationals are required to fulfil the following conditions, in addition to the entry regulations according to article 1 OPEV, for a transit visa:

    a. Produce travel documents and visa which entitle the bearer to transit and entry to the country of destination;
    b. Produce proof for the airport transit by means of an air ticket valid for their actual destination.

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Travel information

Switzerland operates on 220-240 volts AC, 50 Hz, The plug is similar to the round-prong European style one, except that it has the third pin. It is recommended to obtain an adaptor before travelling.

If you travel to Switzerland with a device that does not accept 240 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter.

Switzerland is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GTM/UTC+1).
Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)
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