The PIONAIRS Association is an independent organization made by former IATP delegates



Mr. Yoshihiro Yawata
E-Mail: yawatayoshihiro@gmail.com


Mr. Saud Alahmadi
E-Mail: direast@gmail.com


Mr. Richard Hyam
E-Mail: richard.hyam@gmail.com


Issue: April 2023

1. General

Many of the people who have enjoyed the association and friendship with colleagues through the IATP have wanted to have a way of continuing these contacts even after their active participation in the IATP business ceases. For this purpose, the IATP PIONAIRS Association was founded in 1984 at the 50th IATP Conference held in Mainz, Germany. The PIONAIRS Association seeks to preserve those friendships which have developed through the IATP across national boundaries and to foster continued contact among those who have served the IATP in the past and between them and the current IATP body.

2. Name of the PIONAIRS Association

The PIONAIRS Association shall be entitled:
"The PIONAIRS Association of the International Airlines Technical Pool (IATP-PA).”.

3. Purpose of the PIONAIRS Association

The purpose of the PIONAIRS Association shall be to foster and preserve international friendships developed among persons who have served as airline delegates or associate member representatives to the International Airlines Technical Pool (IATP), to maintain contact between its members and the IATP and to attend social events and meetings as per the Meeting Matrix only.

4. Membership

Membership in the PIONAIRS Association is open to current or former IATP airline employees or associate member representatives who are no longer active in IATP related functions including but not limited to, selling, or leasing of parts, parts procurement and pooling, technical training, aircraft maintenance, aircraft recovery, engine lease or selling, and MRO services in general, who have attended:
- at least six (6) conferences and have taken on a responsibility as a chairperson or co-chairperson of an IATP pool group or project group and/or have held a term of office in the IATP, OR
- at least eight (8) conferences as official delegates or representatives of their respective companies.

All members of the PIONAIRS Association are treated as equals. With regards to the membership fee, the only difference could be financial, depending on the date of joining the PIONAIRS Association. Persons may definitely not be active members of the PIONAIRS Association whilst serving as delegates/representatives at IATP Conferences.

In cases where an application for membership is rejected, the applicant has the right to ask for an interview with the Chairperson and Co-Chairperson of the PIONAIRS Association for clarification and final decision.

5. Officers

The PIONAIRS Association shall have a chairperson, who shall be elected from among the members by electronic mail process in even number years. This process is realistic due to the high absence rate of members to most of the meetings held during conferences. The chairperson shall preside over the meetings and other gatherings of the members, arrange appropriate communication to all members and shall conduct the affairs of the PIONAIRS Association as the membership may authorise. The PIONAIRS Association may also elect a co-chairperson by electronic mail. Other officers may be elected in case of necessity, the duties of said officers being specified before the time of their election.

The term of office for the chairperson and the co-chairperson is a four-year term and can be re-elected for a directly subsequent second term. A former chairperson can also be re-elected after at least one full term break. Candidates are elected while getting positive votes of two thirds of the active members. If a member has no objection and does not respond this will be taken as a positive vote.

Unless the PIONAIRS Association shall elect a treasurer, the chairperson shall have custody of funds belonging to the Association and shall receive and disburse funds for the purposes of the PIONAIRS Association, giving a 'statement of account' of such funds at least annually to the membership.

6. Administration, Communication, Meetings and Newsletters

The PIONAIRS Association shall hold bi-annual meetings in conjunction with regularly scheduled IATP Conferences. At such meetings, interesting information shall be transferred. Any adjustments to membership fees shall be established. A financial report shall be available and such other current information be presented as the members may determine. Minutes of the meetings shall be transmitted to all members with a copy to the IATP. Meetings of IATP-PA are mandatory for all members of the PIONAIRS Association attending the IATP Conference and having previously registered officially as a PIONAIR. Additionally, on request and by approval of the chairperson or co-chairperson, interested IATP delegates will be allowed to join the PA meetings under the following status:

- Observer Status: Delegates who are interested to apply for membership in the PIONAIRS Association in the near future, while retiring from their company - or changing their job and are fulfilling the requirements for membership.
- Non-Active Member Status: Delegates who have been approved as PIONAIRS already but have taken a new service job for a company registered for the conference until further notice.

If, at a conference, the Chair and co-Chair cannot attend, the Chair can appoint a registered active PIONAIR to take the Chair position for that specific conference and the IATP must be informed of the responsible person's name.

The PIONAIRS Association provides newsletters to its members to keep them informed of current important and interesting IATP activities, plans for future conferences and news of former delegates. The information on conferences is intended to facilitate attendance at future conferences by PIONAIRS who choose to attend at their own expense, where they have always been welcomed.

The continuous updating and distribution of the Membership List shall be mandatory. A Memory List (Past Members), where a member can no longer be traced, or has passed away or has been removed from the Membership List for other reasons, shall be maintained by the chairperson. If a member passes away there will be a notification of the loss to all PIONAIRS and the IATP.

7. Dues

The PIONAIRS Association membership shall, at its own meetings, review charges for dues from the members. The dues are subject to be defined by a democratic process depending on the actual situation within the PIONAIRS Association and also depending on the relationship to the IATP Organisation. Past members will be 'grandfathered' under the terms they joined the PIONAIRS Association. All future members will pay the revised dues from the date of their acceptance as a member. Until future decisions are finalised however, those members to pay a fee of 70.- EUR until future notice. Payment of dues shall be by money transfer to the bank account for the PIONAIRS Association in Luxembourg.

Bank Account Details:

Account Holder: IATP PIONAIRS Association Name of Bank: BCEE
IBAN-Number: LU98 0019 3455 6034 8000 BIC: BCEELULLXXX
Subject: PA membership fee, surname, given name

The dues of the PIONAIRS Association do not cover any bank transfer fees or any IATP- fees for attending the conference, including social events.

The fee for attending the conference, including social events, will be determined by the IATP, and discussed with the PIONAIRS Association before implementation.

8. Termination of Membership

Membership shall be terminated by resignation, death or return to IATP service as an IATP delegate. If a PIONAIR returns to IATP service for a limited time period and is attending a conference on behalf of a company, the member shall inform the PIONAIRS Association Chair by completing and signing the 'Change of Membership Status' document and forwarding to the Chair before commencement of the conference in question. For the duration of the change of status, the member will be added to the Non-active Membership List for six (6) consecutive conferences or three (3) years, whichever comes first. Before the end of this period, the candidate must reapply for membership, otherwise the membership will expire.

When returning from IATP service a new 'Change of Membership Status' document should be completed by the member, including signature and date and forwarded the PIONAIRS Association Chair, who will return the member to the Membership List again. If the above conditions are not followed, the PIONAIR in question may lose their membership.

The performance of any private business or any business in favour of a company is definitely prohibited for PIONAIRS attending an IATP Conference and shall be considered as a severe violation to the rules of the PIONAIRS Association, followed by the immediate termination of membership.

The PIONAIRS Association may also terminate the membership of a particular member if that member is in arrears for at least two years in payment of dues.

9. Relationship to the IATP

The PIONAIRS Association and the IATP are separate entities. The budget of the PIONAIRS Association is separate from the IATP budget. The IATP is not responsible for the obligations and duties of the PIONAIRS Association and the PIONAIRS Association is not responsible for the obligations and duties of the IATP.

The chairperson of the PIONAIRS Association shall serve as spokesperson for the PIONAIRS Association in dealing with the IATP or other bodies and shall seek to maintain a harmonious and supportive relationship with the IATP. The Chairperson shall encourage PIONAIRS Association members to participate in social or other activities of the IATP as the IATP and its Advisory Committee may require, authorise, or approve, always subject to be defined in case and detail. The Co- Chairperson will act as spokesperson if the Chairperson is not available or incapacitated.

The administration role of the PIONAIRS Association is in its own hands.

10. Approval or Amendment of Terms of Reference

These Terms of Reference shall become effective when they have been circulated to all members and are thereafter approved by a majority of all members voting by electronic mail, with notification to the IATP. Proposed amendments to the Terms of Reference must also be circulated to all members and shall become effective only when thereafter approved by two thirds of the active members, voting by electronic mail.

In the process, with respect to item 9, the Terms of Reference of the PIONAIRS Association and related amendments will be presented to and discussed with the IATP, after being approved beforehand by the members of the PIONAIRS Association. Suggestions for revisions or amendments by the IATP are permitted, followed by a clearing process within the PIONAIRS Association and another discussion with the IATP for general acceptance.


    • Adcock, Dwayne (ex-AER)
    • Ahmed, Farooque (ex-EK)
    • Al-Sandi, Abdulla (ex-KU)
    • Alahmadi, Saud Ahmed (ex-SV)
    • Algindari, Abdulla (ex-IY)
    • Armstrong, John (ex-TAV)
    • Asano, Kenji (ex-NH / LHT)
    • Autrey, Stefan (ex-CC / FI)
    • Bastaki, Moeen (ex-GF)
    • Blei, Neil (ex-M2M)
    • Bridekirk, M.J. (ex-QF)
    • Brigham, Lu (ex-UA)
    • Buchfeld, Angéla (ex-AIB)
    • Buchfeld, Peter (ex-AIB / ITL / BOE)
    • Chen Tong Wee, Lennie (ex-MH)
    • Clarkson, Steve (ex-BA)
    • Cook, Larry (ex-5X)
    • Cruz, Antonio (ex-TP)
    • Dacoulis, John (ex-TS)
    • DeJesus, Regelio (Roy) P. (ex-PR)
    • DeWitt, Elena (ex-UA)
    • Duarte, Portugal Marques (ex-TP)
    • Elliott, Rosa (ex-RG)
    • Elmegrab, Nouri (ex-LY)
    • Fitzgerald, Thomas (ex-KL)
    • Flindt, Rene (ex-CP)
    • Focken, Horst (ex-LH)
    • Goehring, Colleen (ex-NW)
    • Griem, Ingo (ex-LHT)
    • Hamza, Khalid (ex-EY)
    • Harper, Donald N. (ex-TW)
    • Heurteloup, Patrick (ex-AF)
    • Hidayat, Taufik (ex-JAE)
    • Huard, Marc-André (ex-AC)
    • Hyam, Richard (ex-GRC/UTA)
    • Hyddén, Peter (ex-6B)
    • Julin, Liisa (ex-AY)
    • Kells, Brian (ex-AC)
    • Kerr, Annette (ex-BA)
    • Kerr, Stephen (ex-VS)
    • Klouvatos, Nick (ex-OA)
    • Koppers, Ronald (ex-KL / DMX)
    • L'Eveille, Jean-Marie (ex-QF)
    • Lewis, Christopher (ex-AB/SAL)
    • Lucktong, San (ex-TG)
    • Lianopoulou, Mara (ex-OA)
    • Loureiro, Afonso (ex-TP)
    • Lowell, Michael Peter (ex-BOE)
    • Madani, Samir (ex-SV)
    • Millbank, Matt (ex-AJW)
    • Mudara, Salah (ex-GF)
    • Murri, Giancarlo (ex-AZ)
    • Oades, Robert James (ex-EY)
    • Pinto, Mordechai (ex-LY)
    • Randall, Anthony Keith (ex-KL)
    • Robazza, Giancarlo (ex-AZ)
    • Ross, Patricia (ex-AA)
    • Rocha, Jorge (ex-TP)
    • Savarimuthu, Peter (ex-MH)
    • Schmitz, Helmut (ex-AC)
    • Schrader, Horst (ex-LH)
    • Shilansky, Arie (ex-LY)
    • Six, Paul (ex-LH)
    • Stahl, Uwe (ex-LH)
    • Suliman, Ramzy (ex-AC)
    • Swallow, Ian (ex-BA)
    • Thynebjerg, Per (ex-LX)
    • Toorani, Isa (ex-GF)
    • Umar, Abdullah Osman (ex-EK)
    • Urich, Wolfgang (ex-X3)
    • Vincent, Nicholas (Nick) (ex-MNX)
    • Wengler, Alfred (ex-NAY)
    • Wikner, Uno (ex-SK)
    • Williams, Steven (ex-AB)
    • Yawata, Yoshihiro (ex-NH)
    • Yelloly, Andrew (ex-BA)
    • Zehnder, Robert (ex-SRT)

Last Updated: 12/23/2022

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