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Conference Program and Meetings Description

114th IATP Conference
Okinawa, Japan
October 15 - 19, 2016

The IATP Semi-annual Conference offers a multitude of events that allow attendees to connect with over 100 airlines from around the world. This unique venue gives you the opportunity to conduct your pooling business - whether it's spare parts or line maintenance - in the most efficient manner while allowing you to share your industry knowledge, network, reunite with colleagues, and much more!

To collect your IATP badge upon arrival and for any additional information on the 114th IATP Conference, please go to the IATP Secretariat at the ANA Crowne Plaza Okinawa Harborview, meeting Room Hagoromo, 2nd Floor.

If you need a Conference invitation letter from the IATP Chairman, please click here

If you need an invitation letter for visa requirements, please contact Mr. Yuji Nozaki / Manager Resource Management & Technical Contracts (NH) via email at yu.nozaki@ana.co.jp
When submitting the request, please provide the following to get the process started:

  • digital copy of the passport personal information page (PDF)
  • digital copy of the company badge (PDF)
  • travel dates
  • company name
  • your job function or digital copy of the business card if the job title is not reported on the badge

For detailed information about the 114th IATP Conference, please see the conference documentation below (PDF Documents):


PDF Document

PDF Document

PDF Document

PDF Document