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112th IATP Conference in Penang, Malaysia
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Why join IATP?

IATP represents a unique tool for Cost Saving, AOG Resolution, Operations Simplification, Technical Updates and Networking. Please click below to read all the details

Spare Parts Benefits

Savings Passengers Operations

Line Maintenance Benefits

Savings Passengers Operations
  • Worldwide network with Airlines & providers
    • Easy way to exchange Services with local airlines
    • 2 Annual Conferences allowing contract negotiations with numerous customers and providers thus saving costs
    • Recognized by the Leading Airlines Organization as the largest worldwide network of Line Maintenance
    • Assistance with lifting station restrictions
  • Resolve AOG situations based on local airline support
    • On Site Technical Certified staff assistance - based on L/M Agreement
  • Simplification
    • Standard contract forms based on IATA SGHA
    • Easy access to worldwide line maintenance capabilities
  • Worldwide presence: 81 pooling participants in 890 stations, in growing phase
  • Added value provided by personal knowledge of counterparts
  • Platform Benefits
    • AOG contact details of more than 130 Airlines & service providers
    • Airlines and providers advertise their maintenance capabilities at the various stations
    • On Line Administration, Documentation, and IATP Forms
    • General information about IATP
    • Web-based e-learning modules

Aircraft Recovery Benefits

Savings Passengers Operations
  • Conveniency and Usability
    • Extremely convenient in case of disabled aircraft recovery
    • Usability due to pools worldwide distribution & concept
    • Trained engineers reduce the risk of Secondary Damages
  • Kits could recover any type of Aircraft Worldwide up to and Including an A380
  • Kits’s fees and costs
    • Fair Fees Structure based on annual landings and participated kits
    • Free Use of the kit up to 10 days
    • Convenient rates compared to non-IATP member
  • Recognition of IATP Participation by airport authorities
  • Platform Benefits
    • AOG contact details of more than 130 Airlines & service providers
    • Simplified Pooling Contract
    • Seasonal Invoice elaborated by IATP and processed through ICH
    • On Line Administration, Documentation, and IATP Forms
    • General information about IATP
    • Web-based e-learning modules

Equipment Benefits

Savings Passengers Operations
  • Resolve AOG situations based on local airline support
    • The local Airline or technical handling company could provide the Tools or Equipment at station any number of times as per the pooling agreement existing with the pooling participant
    • Do not pay fees for usage at station even if tool used for number of times during the pool season (except the seasonal pool participation cost)
    • Quick problem solution
    • On-site technician certified to use the tool could be used in case of an existing line maintenance agreement
  • Worldwide presence: 123 providers in 86 stations and a total of 248 participants and 167 pool items
  • Cost avoidance on Assets Investment & minimize stock obsolescence when aircraft type phase out
  • Annual fees very convenient
    • Pooling participation fees USD 950 per year (plus participated pools) paid in 2 seasons
    • Pool participating fees based on total number of participants & additional revenue to Pool Provider
  • IATP annual Membership fee:
    • Annual fees of USD 4,300 plus pooling participation fees
  • Platform Benefits
    • AOG contact details of more than 130 Airlines & service providers
    • On time broadcast for equipment information
    • Simplified Pooling Contract: one click!
    • Seasonal Invoice elaborated by IATP and processed through ICH
    • On Line Administration, Documentation, and IATP Forms
    • General information about IATP
    • Web-based e-learning modules

Upcoming Event

112th IATP conference

in Penang, Malaysia

October 17 - 21, 2015



111th IATP Conference in Montreal

Wednesday the 18th of March was the closing date of the 111th IATP Conference in Montreal, Canada which started on Saturday the 14th of March. This IATP event was again a success thanks to the generous support of the sponsors: Perform Air, AJ Walter, Sterling Courier and Air Canada. About 400 experts of the Air Transport Industry met to discuss operations topics, receive technical updates and negotiate commercial and maintenance contracts. Delegates had the chance to attend a SGHA-Standard Ground Handling Agreement Training, which was very appreciated by the Line Maintenance Representatives. The attendees were also pleased to receive an update from IATA on Ground Handling (AH-IGOM, ISAGO) and be informed about Bombardier’s latest & greatest. The Corporate Office is already involved to ensure great value to the 112th Conference which will be held in Penang, Malaysia from October 17th, 2015 until October 21st, 2015. In case of interest in possible sponsorships, please contact us at info@iatp.com. We look forward to meeting you in Penang!


  • Apr.30th, 2015

    B-787 Pooling Opportunities, please join!

    IATP Pooling update for Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 aircraft - pool items are already available at the following stations: BOS, DEL, EWR, JFK, LAX, LHR, YYC, YYZ. We invite IATP members who operate these aircraft types to set-up and join the parts pools at the above mentioned and additional stations.

  • Mar.30th, 2015

    113th IATP Conference

    The IATP Office is looking for locations for future IATP Conferences. If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring an IATP Conference in the future, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at info@iatp.com.

  • Mar.30th, 2015

    Cost survey for S Pool will be carried out as of the 1st of April 2015. Please do not forget to insert your Airline's data

  • Feb.17th, 2015

    A350 pooling activated on IATP platform

    The aircraft type A350-800-900-1000 equipped with TRENT-XWB has been added on the IATP platform. We invite the IATP members who operate this aircraft to set-up and join the parts, equipment and maintenance pools.

  • Jan.26th, 2015

    P Pool activated for Embraer and Bombardier Aircraft Types, please join!

    At the 110th IATP Conference held in Seattle in September, the P-Pool was kicked off; this includes Embraer and Bombardier spare parts and line maintenance. Items are already available at FCO, provided by AZ. The IATP Corporate Office is actively working to support the pooling; an email was sent to the relevant operators in order to identify the common stations. If you are operator of these aircraft types, we invite you to send us your airline's fleets and stations data. We are available for any additional questions you might have. We invite all interested members to participate in the pool and provide parts. Do not miss this unique opportunity to avoid the costs incurred by dispatching abroad!

  • June 30th, 2014

    Travelling information: WHO's statement on travel and transport in relation to Ebola virus disease outbreak

Conference Videos


108th IATP Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE: VIDEO

The video from the 108th IATP conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE is online.

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